We Are the ECHO

We Are the ECHO


Foster care and adoption can be lonely, challenging, and sometimes painful paths to navigate. Maybe you long for a steady and comforting voice to talk you through this expansive wilderness you’re in; something to serve as a reminder that you’re not alone; a familiar echo of home and stability. We hope you find that here. We are the echo. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearetheecho/support

Kelley sits down with Desiree White (adoptive mom, Director of Community Health Care’s Foster Adoption Clinic, Tacoma WA) to talk about a common statement in our world and it goes something like this: “Adoption is a beautiful Plan B.” As if maybe to say, “After everything else you’ve tried in your pursuit of having a family has failed, try adoption.” Certainly, adoption can be a great way to grow family, but it proposes an ethical dilemma which needs to be considered. Am I wanting a child for my family or am I willing to offer my family to a child in need?

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