Fostering Voices Podcast

Fostering Voices Podcast


A podcast devoted to the many voices in foster care and adoption. The hosts, Chris and Jihae, are former foster, and adoptive parents, with 7 kids. This podcast highlights personal stories, as well as many experiences from those in the foster/adopt community. Be entertained, inspired, and possibly get involved in the community yourself.

Show Summary:

A wonderful and deep conversation with Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.


0:00 – Welcome, Rita!!

1:24 – Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption(Yes, *that* Dave Thomas!)

3:34 – Raising Awareness for Foster Care and Adoption

5:53 – Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

13:44 – The Birthright of Every Child Is To Have a Home – Beginner’s Guide to Adoption

17:48 – How Can You Get Involved or Support These Kids?

22:15 – “These Children Are Not Someone Else’s Responsibility, They Are Our Responsibility”

23:01 – Good Word of The Day!!

25:13 – Something Simple Bringing You Joy Right Now

Show Notes:

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Beginner’s Guide to Adoption

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