Foster Unscripted

Foster Unscripted


Foster Unscripted is real stories & experiences of 2 foster parents on this journey. We began our foster journey in 2017, but the desire to become foster parents occurred many years back. My wife wanted to foster since she was a little girl, I however had been scared away. Then we attended a walk/run for adoption. Less than a year later we were licensed foster parents and the rest is (as they always) say… history! This podcast serves to provide the insight of real foster parents, unscripted, as we live it. Zero legal jargon or theory. Like anything, do your research on local laws.. but most importantly, seriously think of becoming a foster parent. There are so many amazing kids who need a loving parent, sometimes even to help the biological parents realize what they have. Other times you may very wells save a child’s life.Please subscribe and follow us on this journey. – Matt & Bella

What should you say when an agency calls regarding a child currently in the hospital? Do you say YES to the placement or do you think the worst has happened and politely decline?

Today we talk about our own personal story with getting the call about a child in the hospital and how we handled it.

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If becoming foster parents interests you, please reach out to your local area office and sign up for classes. If you have any pre-registration questions or butterflies, drop a comment on any video and we’ll be sure to answer them!!

The information contained in this (and all) videos is our own personal journey, as always, do your own local research when becoming foster parents to follow the local laws and regulations.

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