Conversations About Foster Care

Conversations About Foster Care


Join our conversation about all perspectives in foster care…. Rule #1: It’s about the kids… Rule #2: See Rule #1…. Our podcast features music by Chris Haugen “Tupelo Train”And graphic design by Kenney Ogilvie

Married couple, Marika & Kurt chat about the many perspectives in foster care and the ways we can all do better by our kids

Wrapping up our thoughts for our first season, focusing on an oft overlooked part of the US Foster Care system – Transitions.

It’s been half a year since we sat down to record a new episode, but we have an excuse: COVID-19! Damn you COVID!!!

We have two new kiddos in our care. Dragging them through home-schooling, trying to support their trauma and grief in the midst of a pandemic where we’ve stayed indoors has been a monstrous challenge, but we’re still here (in fact, we went upstate to an Airbnb WITH A POOL!!!! whilst we record this episode).

We also talk about some of the constructive feedback we’ve received and how we would really love to hear more from Former Foster Youth (FFY) in our next seasons.

Riki mentions some of the Facebook pages and groups primarily run by FFY and that we’d make a note of them here:

Child Centered Parenting in Foster Care and Adoption
Former Foster Children United
Adoption: Facing Realities

And some other podcasts we really enjoyed:
The Foster Parenting Podcast (Tim & Wendy were a HUGE inspiration for us!! They’ve taken much of their original podcast down now for privacy reasons, but some of their core message is still there, including the reasoning behind the importance of putting your hand up for kids at the beginning of their foster journey, not waiting until parents rights are terminated!)
The Forgotten Podcast
Honestly Adoption
Who Am I Really?
Foster Care Stories
Adoptee Thoughts

Keep listening to the end of today’s episode for some fun outtakes!! ie. Marika (the actor) doing what is known in her industry as “corpsing”.

Enjoy and we look forward to inviting you to our table in Season Two.

Our podcast features music by Chris Haugen “Tupelo Train”
And graphic design by Kenney Ogilvie

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