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Real talk on adoption, foster care and this journey we call parenting. We (Carrie and Karyn:-) are both adoptive parents and have a deep passion for sharing both our stories and many other stories of adoptees, foster parents, and resources out there to help people along their journey. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @adoptiontoday we would love to hear from you!

On this episode we are fortunate enough to chat with author and adoptive parent Simone Knego.

Her book The Extraordinary UnOrdinary Youis a great read anytime, but it is also something that really resonates with a new year and new opportunities. She has a way of reminding us that life happens in the little, everyday moments, like saying hi to your neighbor or waiting a beat to answering a personal question. The stories that come from those encounters, and from her life with her husband and six children, will make you think about the way you approach your own daily routine.

Her witty perspective allows us a fun look at everyday life. We think you will also enjoy our conversation with her as much as we did.

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