Take Me Back To My Virtual Reality

Take Me Back To My Virtual Reality


Join Markk and Rob and they delve deep in to each and every episode of the 90s disasterpiece that is VR Troopers. Originally released 1994, after the success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Haim Saban obtained the rights to two 80s Japanese special effects based shows, Spielban and Metalder. The shows were spliced together along with footage of American actors, some plot lines were rewritten which brought VR Troopers to life.

Let’s do it to it and discuss Episode 30 of VR Troopers, Small But Mighty.

Thank you to Leon Robo for this episode’s special intro.

Put on your VR headsets and let your hosts Markk & Rob guide you through each episode of VR Troopers, giving you background information on the show whilst trying to digest what they’re watching.

You can find Markk on Twitter/Instagram @BozoRobo and Rob @RobThez You can also follow the show @myVRpodcast.

Special thanks, as always, to Matt Javanshir for our theme song. You can find more from him at mattjavanshir.com

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