Kosmos with a K

Kosmos with a K


Kosmos with a K is Kosmos School’s podcast about virtual reality. Each episode features a conversation between a guest and the co-founder of Kosmos School, Can. Kosmos School creates fun educational VR games.

Matthaeus Krenn is a user interface designer who published a prototype for an operating system in VR called VR-OS. Before VR-OS, he worked on the Prototyping team at Apple and helped shape cool projects like Animojis that now hundreds of millions of people use. Check out his Twitter and website.

What we talked about:

– Prototyping user experiences around new technologies at Apple (e.g. Animojis)
– Why Mattheus started working on VR-OS (prototype for a new operating system in VR)
– The importance of the exploratory process when designing new user interfaces
– Mixing 2D and 3D apps and making it work in VR
– Ways to bring the keyboard and mouse into VR
– How to drink coffee in VR?
– How will productivity in VR work?
– Why Spotify doesn’t need a 3D interface in VR
– The importance of honesty of VR and AR companies (where’s that cool whale, Magic Leap?)
– Input devices of the future and what will be relevant for VR
– What real use cases are there currently for AR?

At Kosmos School, we make digital toys for VR.

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