Good Data, by BadVR

Good Data, by BadVR


“Good Data, by BadVR” is a podcast designed for the data-driven mind. Created by the desire to share her passion for art, entrepreneurship, data visualization, and all things startup and technology related, host Suzanne Borders (BadVR Founder & CEO) gets candid on how to build a successful business while maintaining a deep curiosity about the artistry of world around her. Good Data promotes candid conversations about a wide variety of topics, focusing on raw truth and real-life lessons.

Join host Suzanne Borders (CEO & Founder, BadVR) and guest Stefanie Feldman (Product Manager, BadVR) as they discuss risk, reward, and everything in between. Learn how to capitalize on taking chances, the difference between happiness and fulfillment, and what Marlon Brando understood about the values of taking chances to get ahead in life.

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  • EP1: Risk

    1 year ago