Building the Metaverse with Jon Radoff

Building the Metaverse with Jon Radoff


The culture, technology and business of the Metaverse. This is the next generation of the Internet: enabling real-time activities, powered by creators, and shaped by decades of videogame development experience.

Do you want to learn more about scaling customer acquisition for an online product? The lessons here will apply whether you are shipping a game, a metaverse experience or any type of mobile application. Eric Seufert worked at legendary game publishers like Rovio, Wooga, and Digital Chocolate–where he literally wrote the book on Freemium Economics for games. Eric’s concern for several years has been scaling games by optimizing unit economics and accessing scalable user acquisition channels. In this conversation, Jon and Eric talk about how the market for mobile user acquisition has changed; how the market for advertising networks has evolved; and even how the strategy for game marketing has shifted from the “Harry Crane” measurement paradigm to the “Don Draper” paradigm which is all about audience resonance. We cover the differences (or lack thereof) in performance vs. brand marketing; how new privacy rules such as ATT (App Tracking Transparency) have impacted the user acquisition markets; and how to staff a user acquisition team at your publisher. If you’re looking for an overview of how to gain access to the mass market of consumers on mobile–both the history, present and possible future–this is the conversation you’ll want to hear!

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