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Video Games 2 the MAX is the official Games podcast of where Sean Garmer, Marc Morrison, and Daniel Anderson get together to talk about everything involving Video Games.

Every week, we discuss what we are playing, games we are reviewing, the gaming news of the week, there’s a special topic too. Sometimes there’s some Entertainment news covered as well.

You can check out Marc, Sean’s, or the whole staff’s written game reviews, and other things over at

You can also follow each of the guys individually on Twitter @W2MSean, @humanityplague, or the entire network @W2MNetwork. Make sure to go like the W2Mnet Facebook Page: as well. You can also discuss the show with us on Discord too: Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is OUT! And Marc has been playing it. Marc gives his impressions of it, having finished about half the game. Have the gameplay changes been for the better? How’s the Overworld? Are the talking Rabbids as hilarious as we’d expect? Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Plus, is it better than the original?

Silent Hill’s presentation had quite a lot to announce, and although most of it was things we guessed would happen, it is still pretty cool to be getting a Silent Hill 2 Remake, a separate Silent Hill game from No Code and Annapurna called Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, (the next game in the series), and even a new movie too. Sean and Marc have some thoughts on this as well.

Also, the Bayonetta 3 Voice Actor saga takes another turn, Fallout 4 goes Next-Gen, Sean plays God of War 2018, and the first A Plague Tale game too! Marc also played Batora: Lost Haven, and more!

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00:00:30 Intro & Housekeeping:

– Games We Are Playing –

00:03:00 Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (Marc)
* Review Code was provided by Ubisoft *

00:18:40 Live a Live (Marc)

00:19:10 Batora: Lost Haven (Marc)
* Review Code Provided By Team 17 *

00:22:30 God of War (2018) (Sean)

00:28:55 A Plague Tale: Innocence (Sean)

00:31:40 Soul Hackers 2 (Sean)
* Review Code Provided By Atlus *

00:33:30 Persona 5: The Royal (Sean)

– What’s in the News –

00:39:00 Bayonetta 3 VA Controversy: Hellena Taylor Wasn’t Honest About Her Claims

00:51:30 Fallout 4 Getting a Next-Gen Patch in 2023

00:56:00 Disco Elysium Lawsuit

00:57:50 Oscar Isaac Still Wants to make a Metal Gear Solid Movie

01:04:30 Konami Announces Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, Return to Silent Hill Movie

01:08:55 Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets Gameplay & What Could be Next for the RE Franchise?

01:14:35 Square-Enix Potentially Making a Parasite Eve Remaster?

01:16:00 PlayStation Edge Controller is $200, No Cyberpunk Edgerunners Season 2

– The End –

01:21:40 House of Dragon Season 1 Finale, Doctor Who & Upcoming Games

– Plugs –

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