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A very funny podcast with several shows we make to make you laugh. There is no level to which we won’t stoop, and by “we”, i mean the poor people I pay to do some pretty weird s#*t! Hey There Guys… Just Here to tell you bout something awesome today…

So… Do any of you play online games???
Maple Story? Runescape? Gaia? Warcraft?
You know those pesky, expensive in game payments that you make….
introducing Prizeband….
Check it out!!!
Its unique in that, unlike other sites, you dont have to do surveys or receive spam…
All you do is simple tasks like Making a video, or adding them on Myspace…
Or blogging about them, like me…
So if you decide to join, could you please list RaginJS as your refferer? Much Thanks
Its a really easy way to earn those extra cool in game items
And thats not all, because other thing are available on Prizeband like Ipods, Ps2 Games and even full CONSOLES… Its a safe, free way to earn everything you need…

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