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The RPG After Years is your weekly show covering all things role-playing games (RPGs), both past and present. From Dungeon Explorer to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, all RPG video games are fair game. Each week, we discuss current news in the video game world and do a deep dive on an RPG-related topic. Meanwhile, our hosts do periodic reviews on games from the “Golden Years”, which includes games from the 4th, 5th, and 6th generation of video games.

Welcome to Episode 130 of The RPG After Years! This week, Bill and Brett return once again to review another ‘black sheep’ game, Phantasy Star III (3)! Time to go on an adventure… IN SPACE!!!!!!!!

– The RPG After Years is hosting an RPG Club! It’s like a book club, but with RPGs, and we hope all of you play along! The current checkpoint is to reach the ice planet Deozilis by Sunday, October 23rd. That’s Section 6.2.13 in this GameFAQS guide
– The reviews keep coming! This time we’re covering a widely disliked game from a very popular series!

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