So Many Bits

So Many Bits


In “So Many Bits”, Bill Nielsen chats with game developers across the world in order to find out more about their craft. They talk about the technical and business side of the gaming business, but have a bit of fun along the way. Each episode also features Bill and a friend reviewing different scenes about video games from TV and film during their “Screenwatching”, along with periodic check-ins on games we’re playing.

Dani, Kevin, and Lisa from Veritable Joy Studios are this week’s guests to discuss ValiDate! While I remain distressingly in the dark on what Homestuck is, I do learn a lot about writing rich stories for a diverse cast, where sometimes it can be just as much fun writing about people breaking up as coming together!

Meanwhile, Di Billick gives expert NES analysis from a couple scenes of the long-running show Family Guy in Screenwatching!

Screenwatching – Family Guy (3:21)
Interview -Dani, Kevin, and Lisa (22:14)

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