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Albie Selznick Unmasked

His face was covered in loads of makeup each time you saw him on Star Trek, but Albie Selznick is taking the mask off for this episode of Trek Untold.

Albie was seen three times in Star Trek history, first in the TNG episode “The Cost of Living” as The Juggler, then returned two more times in Voyager, first in “Macrocosm” as the Tak Tak Consul and again as Tash in “The Voyager Conspiracy.”

We learn about his traumatic childhood that put him on the path of performing as a magician and actor, working as part of the musical & dance act The Mums, what he learned from his first acting teacher John De Lancie AKA Q, a fun story about another Star Trek alumni in Jason Alexander, working on “Freddy’s Nightmares,” Doug Jones in “Batman Returns,” “Columbo” with Peter Falk, “Murder, She Wrote” with Angela Lansbury, and John Lithgow in “Ricochet.”

From there, it’s onto Trek talk, as we learn what it’s like juggling for hours in alien makeup and taking a mud bath with Majel Barrett, working with Ethan Phillips as the Tak Tak Consul, and his secret FOURTH Star Trek off-screen appearance that was a crucial element for the VOY episode “Natural Now.”

Watch Albie’s “Freddy’s Nightmares” episode here – https://tubitv.com/tv-shows/663658/s02-e07-silence-is-golden?start=true

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