A weekly gaming and tech podcast from the eyes of a few teenagers. keywords: game, gaming, tech, news, technology, xbox, ninendo, sony, ipod 3.7.06

Hey everybody, we’re hoping to get our first actual podcast out this weekend, so sit tight. Also, if you registered to our podcast in the music store (all 4 of you, haha) the album art for Gamercast isnt working right now due to some laggy servers on Apples part, but hey, Apple still rocks.

Just some insight on future plans for Gamercast;
-Shownotes with every episode available none other than here
-Some guest appearences (live, in house) or phone recordings through Skype (
-Possibly a featured music section and a featured movie section, each about 5 minutes each (Gamecast minis) that will be available on there own, about 5 minutes each, and will be released when each podcast is released on the same feed.
-a new episode possibly every monday (record on friday or saturday, edit, post)
-and probably some other stuff.


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