Colette & Matt Have Entered the Chat

Colette & Matt Have Entered the Chat


Colette Bennett and Matt Silverman chat weekly about the most important topic in human civilization: video games. They discuss games they’re playing, gaming news, online communities, streaming culture, and emerging trends in virtual and augmented reality.

The new Final Fantasy XVI trailer looks real pretty, but is it enough to get you excited about the next installment? We discuss the franchise’s hits and misses, and where 16 might fit in the hallowed pantheon.

Plus, a new study from the National Institute of Health finds that kids who game have more brain poppin’. We discuss whether that’s causation or correlation, and why studies on video games are murky at best. Also, G4 TV is finally dead (again?) and we look back on where it missed the boat for mainstream video game coverage, and that time Colette was on TV!

We also share our Spoopy Game picks for all ages if you’re looking for a fright this Halloween!

Email us with what you’re playing and we’ll read it on the show!

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