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Every week, the creators of Super Best Friends Play discuss the best and worst of the videogame industry, pop culture and get excessively hyped about things for no reason.

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BayoGate: The Plot Thickens
Silent Hill Film Companions Announced
Chainsaw Knife Parries!
Edgerunners: The City Always Wins
NeonWhite: The Good, The Stylish & The Cringe
“Music Covers Should Delete The Originals”
Steamdeck Review
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– Jason Schreier: Last weekend, Bayonetta’s former voice actor called for fans to boycott the new game, saying she was offered just $4,000 to work on it. Her Twitter videos went viral and stoked a debate over voice actor wages. But the full story is much more complicated
– Platinum Responds
– Hellena Follows Up
– ‘Resident Evil 4’ remake gameplay shows tense but familiar action
– SILENT HILL 2 remake announced, by Bloober, for PlayStation®5 and STEAM®
– Silent Hill 2’s Masahiro Ito Debunks Popular Fan Theory
– SILENT HILL Ascension interactive community based streaming game
– SILENT HILL: Townfall co-produced with Annapurna Interactive, No Code Studios, and KONAMI
– SILENT HILL f set in 1960’s Japan written by Ryuukishi 07 of Higurashi
– The fight has begun: the author of Disco Elysium sued the studio ZA/UM
– Xbox Series S is an “albatross” and studios want it dropped, dev says
– NEO TWEWY Gets an Unexpected Steam Release

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