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Hey everyone! Enjoy this roughly 40 minute preview of a Patreon exclusive episode all about Chrono Trigger. We also preview an upcoming series of Movember streams to promote awareness about men’s health issues. Neat!


Three heroes gathered together and crushed this episode with a triple-tech you’ve never seen! On the latest Call Me By Your Game co-op episode your host Conner and his guests Patrick Ehlers and Eddie Martin tackle one of the greatest games, JRPG’s, and pieces of art ever made and discuss Chrono Trigger (1995). This is a huge one folks! Enjoy this chat about a masterpiece.

Show Notes

Patrick Ehlers – Nintendo Cartridge Society – Twitter Eddie Martin – Instagram Conner McCabe – Twitter – Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show Call Me By Your Game – Instagram – Twitter – YouTube Super NPC Radio – Patreon – Twitter – Instagram – Twitch

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