Ohiohammer – The 9th Age Podcast

Ohiohammer – The 9th Age Podcast


Andrew, Jake, and Bill bring you content aon all things for the game 9th Age!

Mark, Felix and Ben are joined by Kenneth Heisler (aka Skullface), Ron Ricci (The Great Khan), and Josh Rosado (Rico Ratasqueako) to discuss Gaming The Narrative.

K2, Ron, and Josh go in depth regarding NEWK’s long running narrative campaign set in WarKingLandia. Then, we discuss International Campaign Day and its narrative campaign with Ben.

Settle back with your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy!

NEWK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400914850210012/?ref=bookmarks

The Ork Town GT:


The Counter Charge Journal: https://www.wingedhussarpublishing.com/downloads/

The Godstone Wars Episode CC161: http://www.ohiohammer.com/counter-chargeccx/2017/5/11/cc161-the-godstone-wars

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