Dragon Talk – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Dragon Talk – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

by Dungeons & Dragons

October 25, 2019 9:00 am

Go inside the walls of Dungeons & Dragons for exclusive interviews and previews! The D&D team sits down each week with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture to discuss one of the greatest fantasy brands of all-time. We’ll talk about the tabletop roleplaying game, as the latest in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television.


Dragon Talk: Kienna Shaw 3 weeks ago 117m
Dragon Talk: Rhett Miller 4 weeks ago 108m
Dragon Talk: DOTS RPG 1 month ago 98m
Dragon Talk: Tyranny of Dragons 1 month ago 120m
Dragon Talk: Jody Houser 2 months ago 91m
Dragon Talk: Jody Houser 2 months ago 91m
Dragon Talk: Cicero Holmes 2 months ago 110m
Dragon Talk: John Darnielle 2 months ago 82m
Dragon Talk: Gaurav Gulati 2 months ago 93m
Dragon Talk: Chef Mike Haracz 3 months ago 95m
Dragon Talk: Adam Lee 3 months ago 109m
Dragon Talk: Goldie Chan 3 months ago 102m
Dragon Talk: Ethan and Brett Holt 3 months ago 84m
Dragon Talk: Nina Heath and Selina Heinen of Dwarven Forge 3 months ago 99m
Dragon Talk: Morgan Peter Brown 4 months ago 90m
Dragon Talk: Kody Keplinger 4 months ago 94m
Dragon Talk: Ember Moon 4 months ago 94m
Dragon Talk: Ian Lurie & Rand Fishkin 4 months ago 108m
Dragon Talk: Torn Pixie 4 months ago 90m
Dragon Talk: Gardens of Fog 5 months ago 98m
Dragon Talk with Susanah Grace 5 months ago 100m
Alice Cleaver of Scratticus Academy 5 months ago 114m
Dragon Talk with Ethan Schoonover 5 months ago 105m
D&D Live 2019: The Descent Special Episode 2 6 months ago 68m
D&D Live 2019: The Descent Special Episode 1 6 months ago 87m
Chris Funk of The Decemberists at D&D Live 6 months ago 96m
Deborah Ann Woll on Relics & Rarities at D&D Live 6 months ago 108m
Eugenio Vargas, plus The Dark Eight 7 months ago 96m
Wolfgang Baur & Steve Winter on Ghosts of Saltmarsh 7 months ago 102m
The Broken Pact on D&D Live 7 months ago 131m
TK Johnson on Storytelling with D&D 7 months ago 100m
Ludia on Warriors of Waterdeep 7 months ago 81m
Tia Zimmer on Streaming & Drow 8 months ago 94m
Arnie Niekamp on Designing Improv Games 8 months ago 106m
Jim Zub on Young Adventurer's Guides & D&D 8 months ago 87m
Ghosts of Saltmarsh & Random Character Generator 8 months ago 106m
Matthew Lillard on Beadle & Grimm's Sinister Silver Edition for Ghosts of Saltmarsh 9 months ago 75m
Kelli Butler, The Opera Geek 9 months ago 89m
Michael Mallen on Mental Health and Gaming 9 months ago 87m
Deven Rue on D&D Cartography & Worldbuilding 9 months ago 114m
Dan Telfer and Blaine Capatch on Nerd Poker 10 months ago 108m
Fiona Staples on Comic Book Art & D&D 10 months ago 90m
JP McDaniel & Max Gonzalez on RollPlay's Court of Swords e100 10 months ago 132m
James D'Amato on One Shot RPG 11 months ago 80m
WA State Senator Steve Hobbs on D&D in Government 11 months ago 88m
Best Friends Writing D&D Stories Together 11 months ago 88m
Rob Daviau on the D&D Roots of Betrayal Legacy 12 months ago 102m
D&D and Improv Comedy 12 months ago 86m
Ivan Van Norman & Caleb Cleveland on ABCs & 123s of D&D 12 months ago 107m
Robert Wardhaugh on 36-year Long D&D Campaign 1 year ago 90m
Bluejay on TwitchCon 2018 1 year ago 85m
Art & Arcana: A Visual History of D&D 1 year ago 119m
Initiative Coffee Company on Small Business D&D 1 year ago 93m
Matthew Mercer & Chris Perkins on Waterdeep 1 year ago 103m
Wolfgang Baur & Meagan Maricle on Creature Codex 1 year ago 101m
Patrick Rothfuss & Jim Zub on Rick & Morty vs D&D Comics 1 year ago 108m
R.A. Salvatore on Drizzt in Timeless 1 year ago 71m
Matt Forbeck on Endless Quest 1 year ago 82m
Chris Perkins & Kate Irwin on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist 1 year ago 82m
Victoria Rogers and Josh Perault on Podcasts of Waterdeep 1 year ago 77m
Stoic (Banner Saga Devs) on D&D and Digital Games 1 year ago 80m
Surena Marie and Brandon Stennis on Rivals of Waterdeep 1 year ago 86m
Benjamin Loomes and Jenny Bendel of Syrinscape 1 year ago 82m
Alex Kammer on Gamehole Con 1 year ago 128m
Keith Baker, Jeremy Crawford & James Wyatt on Ravnica & Eberron 1 year ago 116m
Kade Wells and Sarah Roman on Teaching with D&D 1 year ago 90m
Trent Oster & Eric Jordan on D&D Video Games 1 year ago 77m
Dr. Megan Connell on D&D Helping People 1 year ago 81m
Matt Baume and Hidden Lore 1 year ago 82m
Of Maps and Planar Contracts 1 year ago 75m
Off the Table at the Stream of Many Eyes 1 year ago 89m
Emmet and Elisa on #NoStoneUnturned ARG 1 year ago 91m
Krystina Arielle Tigner on Stream of Many Eyes 1 year ago 70m
Mark Hulmes & Matthew Lillard on Stream of Many Eyes 1 year ago 78m
Rachel Seeley & Kelly D'Angelo on Girls, Guts, Glory 1 year ago 84m
David Harmon & Shakeera on Dragon Friends 2 years ago 79m
Nate Sharp & Kaiji Tang on Dark & Dicey 2 years ago 83m
Reuben Bresler on Poker, Magic & Standup 2 years ago 74m
Claudio Pozas & Teos Abadia on Latin America Gaming 2 years ago 76m
Russell Tomas on D&D Through the Ages 2 years ago 74m
Xalavier Nelson On RPG Design 2 years ago 81m
Mario Ortegon On D&D en Espanol 2 years ago 80m
Joe Manganiello on Arkhan & Critical Role 2 years ago 80m
Adam Bradford on D&D Beyond Mobile 2 years ago 74m
Molly Ostertag On Creative D&D Play 2 years ago 86m
Kat Kruger & Jen Vaughn On D20 Dames 2 years ago 88m
Inside D&D Adventurers League - Community 2 years ago 83m
Jeremy Crawford and Kate Irwin on Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes 2 years ago 86m
Hawke Robinson on RPG Research 2 years ago 97m
Inside D&D Adventurers League - Content 2 years ago 110m
Joe Trier on How We Roll 2 years ago 67m
Inside D&D Adventurers League 2 years ago 71m
Lysa Chen and Ryan Wheaton 2 years ago 70m
Wolfgang Baur and Meagan Maricle 2 years ago 89m
Trent Oster 2 years ago 73m
Alexandra Erin 2 years ago 108m
Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else 2 years ago 101m
Ivan Van Norman 2 years ago 82m
Erika Fermina from Girls Guts Glory 2 years ago 78m
Graeme Barber From POCGamer 2 years ago 88m
Creating the Tomb of Annihilation Board Game 2 years ago 66m
Kyle Balda – Animator, Director, Dungeon Master 2 years ago 88m
Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation 2 years ago 75m
Taking Initiative 2 years ago 91m
Meet in a Tavern 2 years ago 68m
D&D is For Nerds 2 years ago 81m
Celeste Conowitch on Venture Maidens 2 years ago 74m
Will Jones & Syd Shields on Encounter Roleplay 2 years ago 72m
Tad Williams on Storytelling 2 years ago 105m
Adam Bradford & Todd Kenreck on D&D Beyond 2 years ago 120m
Matthew Lillard on Professional D&D 2 years ago 91m
Patrick Rothfuss on Fantasy & Kids 2 years ago 96m
Thomas Foss on Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation 2 years ago 72m
Mike Mearls & Chris Dupuis on Betrayal at Baldur's Gate 2 years ago 75m
Lysa Chen on DMs Guild Adepts 2 years ago 71m
Chris Lindsay on DMs Guild Adepts 2 years ago 68m
Wheelhouse Workshop on D&D Social Skills 2 years ago 85m
Dylan Sprouse 2 years ago 86m
Matt Mercer 2 years ago 78m
James Wyatt on Planeshift: Amonkhet 2 years ago 71m
Nathan Stewart on Filming Force Grey 2 years ago 75m
Holly Conrad on Dice Camera Action 2 years ago 81m
ProJared on Dice Camera Action 2 years ago 77m
Dan Telfer on Nerd Poker 2 years ago 90m
Deborah Ann Woll on Force Grey: Lost City of Omu 2 years ago 80m
Anna Prosser Robinson on Dice Camera Action 2 years ago 87m
Aram Vartian of Godsfall 2 years ago 76m
Quinn Murphy on D&D Stories 2 years ago 85m
Stan! Brown on TSR Old Days 2 years ago 101m
Wolfgang Baur on Tome of Beasts 2: Electric Beastaloo 2 years ago 78m
Suzanne Wallace on Roll20 2 years ago 77m
Girls, Guts, Glory on Stream of Annihilation 2 years ago 62m
HighRollers on Stream of Annihilation 2 years ago 74m
Dragon Friends on Stream of Annihilation 2 years ago 73m
Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg Stream of Annihilation 2 years ago 77m
Anna Prosser Robinson and Kelly Link on Hosting Stream of Annihilation 3 years ago 77m
Adam Bradford & Leah Koons on D&D Beyond 3 years ago 121m
James Haeck on D&D Writing 3 years ago 95m
Emi Tanji and Kate Irwin on Art Design in TftYP 3 years ago 66m
Mike Mearls on Tales from the Yawning Portal 3 years ago 80m
Chris Avellone and Philip Daigle on Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition 3 years ago 83m
Justin Ziran and Kate Irwin on WizKids Miniatures 3 years ago 85m
Dylan Sprouse on PUG Crawl 3 years ago 67m
Experiment 7 on Dungeon Chess 3 years ago 75m
Jerry Holkins on Acquisitions Inc. C Team 3 years ago 78m
John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats on Storytelling 3 years ago 56m
Thomas Foss on Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy 3 years ago 56m
Tanya DePass on Creating D&D Characters 3 years ago 77m
Joe Manganiello on Acting D&D 3 years ago 82m
Matt Colville on How to DM 3 years ago 97m
Adam Koebel and JP McDaniel on Streaming D&D 3 years ago 86m
Wolfgang Baur on DMing for Girl Scouts 3 years ago 91m
Luke Gygax on GaryCon 3 years ago 93m
Monica Valentinelli on D&D Adventures 3 years ago 85m
Jeff Greiner on The Tome Show 3 years ago 79m
David Eddings on Roleplaying Claptrap 3 years ago 53m
Reid and Kelsey on Sneak Attack podcast 3 years ago 81m
David Reid on MetaArcade 3 years ago 68m
Jon Peterson on the Lost D&D Radio Show 3 years ago 89m
Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg on Maze Arcana 3 years ago 87m
Matt Forbeck on Dungeonology 3 years ago 67m
Jeremy Crawford & Emi Tanji on Volo's Guide to Monsters 3 years ago 72m
Ben Kweller on Rocking D&D 3 years ago 64m
R.A. Salvatore on Hero 3 years ago 75m
Keith Baker and the Decemberists Join Forces 3 years ago 84m
Erin M. Evans on The Devil You Know 3 years ago 65m
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Dungeon Mastering Birthday Parties 3 years ago 65m
Liam O'Brien and Laura Bailey on Critical Role 3 years ago 47m
Funhaus on Twits and Crits 3 years ago 69m
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Documenting Dwarven Forge 3 years ago 72m
Ethan Gilsdorf on Why D&D Is Good for You 3 years ago 43m
Orion Acaba on Draconian Knights 3 years ago 78m
Chris Cocks, President of Wizards of the Coast 3 years ago 41m
Ed Greenwood on Death Masks & Forgotten Realms 3 years ago 78m
Peter Lee and Andrew Veen on Tyrants of the Underdark 3 years ago 60m
Longest D&D Campaign Ever? 3 years ago 62m
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John August and Craig Mazin on D&D Scriptwriting Tips 3 years ago 67m
Nathan Stewart on What's Up at Meltdown 3 years ago 48m
Mike Selinker on Betraying D&D 3 years ago 60m
Wolfgang Baur on Kobold Press 4 years ago 63m
Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo on D&D and Autism 4 years ago 59m
High Rollers on Streaming D&D 4 years ago 57m
Saladin Ahmed on D&D Inspired Novels 4 years ago 49m
Feel Train on Madame Eva and Twitter Bots 4 years ago 53m
Misscliks Cofounders on D&D Entertainment 4 years ago 65m
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