The State of Games

The State of Games


A board game podcast that tackles the industry from both inside and out! The State of Games is hosted by Chris Kirkman, the head of publishing house Dice Hate Me Studio and co-owner of Greater Than Games, and features regular co-hosts Darrell Louder, resident grump and designer of Compounded, Bottom of the 9th, and Fate of the Elder Gods, and TC Petty III, gaming hipster and designer of VivaJava and VivaJava Dice, Xenon Profiteer, and Spires. Presented by the website – the board game blog with worse luck than you.

In this episode, Chris, Darrell, and TC break out their six shooters and mount up to talk about western games, what makes that theme so awesome, and how it might possibly go horribly wrong on occasion. All this, plus Darrell’s move out west to St. Louis, discussion of the big news of Transformers, GI Joe, and My Little Pony titles coming soon from Renegade Games, how good Pan Am really is, what’s Ragusa’s deal, anyway? – and so much more!

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