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Space Cats Peace Turtles


An unofficial podcast for fans of Twilight Imperium and other strategy board games. Each episode is a humorous analysis of mechanics and strategies for new and experienced players alike!

I hope you enjoy your outdoor cooking with lots of SALT. Today, we delve into our only remaining base game Root faction, the Vagabond. Much maligned by the rest of the forest creatures, the Vagabond is power, requires focus from the rest of the table to stop, and…honestly can sometimes not be that fun to play as. It is an uphill meta-battle, and here are tools on how to survive your early games as this most infamous racoon.

5:50 – Abilities and Setup

30:28 – Birdsong and Slipping

34:54 – Daylight and Inventory Management

40:48 – Evening

42:28 – Opening Ideas

52:45 – Crafty Corner

1:05:43 – Pitfalls

1:09:17 – Finding a Win

1:15:28 – Yin Brotherhood Strategy Guide Errata

1:22:16 – Prophecy of Kings Reveals! (Xxcha Commander and AC: Deadly Plot)

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