A podcast about one player board and card games, hosted by Michael Eckenfels and Martin Gonzalvez. Join us each episode as we discuss the latest solo games news and give an in-depth review of a new solo game or variant.
Welcome to Solosaurus, a podcast about one player board and card games. In this episode, Martin and Michael host for the first time (thanks again to Brandon and Carter for helping us get acclimated!). We talk about a lot of things to introduce ourselves, and hope you will enjoy this long(ish) episode!

Intro and Exposition (0:00)
Solo Game News (03:41)
Thank You! (11:16)
Our Gaming Backgrounds (13:34)
Our Perspectives on Solo Games (24:00)
Our Top 5 (Current) Solo Games (37:35)
Wrap Up and Final Thoughts (01:34:18)

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