You Could Be My Aramis Podcast

You Could Be My Aramis Podcast


Music and songwriting discussions with Dayton, Ohio based songwriter Mike Bankhead and other musicians. Some episodes will touch on travel, sports, cooking, art, and any number things where Mike and his guest share similar interests. Support this podcast:

TINO is my favorite Dayton rapper. I am glad to welcome him here to the podcast to chat about his new album Midwest Sorrow, which arrives just in time for Bandcamp Friday today. TINO is gregarious and hilarious, and I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation.

This episode is brought to you by my new single “For Misty”, recorded in secret and presented on November 3rd as a 15-year-anniversary present. It’s available right now on all streaming services. If you’d like a high-quality download, please visit my Bandcamp page, where you can get one for $15.

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