Produce Like a Boss – with Kris Bradley

Produce Like a Boss – with Kris Bradley


Are you a songwriter, artist, or musician? Do you want to be self-sufficient as an independent music creator? That’s exactly where I was not that long ago! That’s why I’m passionate about teaching artists how to produce! Whether you want to learn to produce your own songs, or just understand what goes into production so you can communicate your needs to another producer in the studio, my mission is to help you do exactly that! No “techy talk” or gear talk here, just practical, simple solutions to help you execute your vision, as well as mindset tweaks to keep you on track with your career!

Episode 82 is all about building your offer!

For musicians this might be one of the most overlooked tools available.

Being able to build an “offer” is what can separate you from the herd and lets you stand alone in the marketplace.

But because of things like Spotify, musicians are being trained to treat their music like a commodity and as a result are tremendously undervaluing themselves.

But not anymore!

In this latest episode, I am once again joined by P.lab team member Patrick Clark, and we take a deep dive into how to craft your offer as a musician.

This episode is jam-packed with must-have info, and it’s yours for the taking!

Also, if you’d like to see how Produce Like A Boss can help you build your offer and use a simple home studio to generate 6-figures, click the link below to book a call.

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