I Wish I Knew THAT About Songwriting

I Wish I Knew THAT About Songwriting


Are you a songwriter? Are you obsessed with the detail and depth of your favourite songs? Are you mad enough to take a dive into the world of songwriting?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are reading the right pixels. We offer tips, techniques, theories, and all the practical information you need when starting out as a songwriter.
Our dream is that no songwriter, regardless of experience, ever feels lost or alone again.
Hosted by Jamie Karl Coupe and Callum Mirams, we bring you in-depth interviews with songwriters, producers, managers, artists, and professionals from all over the world.
Our promise is to keep things practical, informative and throw in a few laughs and stories on our journey with you to becoming better songwriters.
We love hearing your demos, answering your questions and comments on the show! Don’t be shy, send them in!
We are here to help, not hinder.

Hit us up at: iwishiknewthatpod@gmail.com

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