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Over the decades there have been many albums that featured so called “offensive” or “controver LRRC 9-29-20sial” artwork. On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast we discuss the most controversial album covers of all time. Also… we welcome special guest host Hal Aaron of the Tales of the Road Warriors podcast.

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Topics Discussed:

This day in Music:

Yesterday and today; Beatles

Blind Faith: Blind Faith

Scorpions: Virgin Killer

Black Label Society: Sonic Brew

Metallica: Metal Up Your Ass

John Lennon: Two Virgins

Marylin Manson: Hollywood

Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers

Jane’s Addiction: Nothing’s Shocking

Cannibal Corpse: Butchered at Birth

Nine Lives: Aerosmith

Rudy Raymore: Eat Out More often

Slayer; Christ Delusion

Nevermind: Nirvana

Smell the Glove: Spinal Tap

Getto Boys

Appitite for Destruction: Guns ‘n Roses

Diamond Dogs: David Bowie

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