That Record Got Me High Podcast

That Record Got Me High Podcast


Rob sounds like a wise-cracking New Jersey cable access host and Barry sounds like your know-it-all southern Aunt Ruby. Great albums, questionable commentary. Game Theory, “Lolita Nation” with special guest Jonathan Segel This week’s guest Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven, Sparklehorse, Eugene Chadbourne…) phoned in all the way from Stockholm to discuss California power pop band Game Theory and their 1987 magnum opus “Lolita Nation”.
 Band founder Scott Miller may have overreached somewhat with this dense, experimental double-album, but underneath it all are jangly hooks and heady lyrics about life, regret and the loss of innocence. 
 “It’s been a decade of record stores 
Hordes of failing new wave careers
 What lengths we’re going to just to find
 Exactly what we don’t want to hear
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