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I Love This Band is a podcast based in County Louth, Ireland. I Love This Band is a music history and chat podcast that explores why we love certain artists and why their music is important to us in our lives. Each episode profiles a different band with a different guest and can be any genre.

Welcome to the first I Love This Band Artist Spotlight Special. Following Nealo’s appearance in the History of Irish Hip Hop Documentary on Ireland’s RTÉ channel, I discuss how the global popularity of the genre has translated itself on the island of Ireland.

I talk to Nealo about the differences and similarities between audiences of hip hop and punk rock, why Irish people love rap so much and what home means to us all. We had a nice casual chat and it was a great way to kick off a new episode format. Hope you enjoy. More coming soon.

Scripted, Edited and Hosted By Jennifer Quigley
My guest was Nealo
In reference to BLACK LIVES MATTER here is some helpful information

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Twitter: @nellydaSilla
Instagram: @nealodasilla
Bandcamp: Nealo

Nealo’s Album: “All The Leaves Are Falling” Out October 30th 2020 (Diffusion)

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