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DISCovery with Eric Senich


From the vinyl DISC to the compact DISC: DISCover the stories behind the greatest artists, albums and songs in classic rock with host Eric Senich. On September 19th, 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival started a four-week run at number one on the US album chart with ‘Green River.’ It was one of three albums the band released in just that year alone. The number seven album ‘Bayou Country’ before it with the number three album ‘Willie and the Poorboys’ coming after. By the end of 1969, Creedence had three top-10 albums on the Billboard 200, and four top-five singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

CCR was everywhere by the summer of 1969 and the bulk of the credit has to go to the band’s main songwriter John Fogerty. There’s no arguing that John was a songwriting machine at that point and you’ll hear why he was intentionally writing as much as he could with the goal of writing as many hits as he could in this episode.

There is also, of course, the well documented battles John had with his bandmates including his brother Tom Fogerty and it all came down to the songs; more specifically who gets credit for the songs and who gets paid for them. We’ll explore that topic as well but, above all, this episode will celebrate the songs singer/guitarist John Fogerty, guitarist Tom Fogerty, bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug Clifford recorded on ‘Green River’ while giving you the stories behind each.

1. “Green River”
2. “Commotion”
3. “Tombstone Shadow”
4. “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

1. “Bad Moon Rising”
2. “Lodi”
3. “Cross-Tie Walker”
4. “Sinister Purpose”
5. “The Night Time Is The Right Time”

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