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This Was The Scene Podcast


The PODCAST about the Late 90s/Early 2000 Punk Scene with host, Mike Doyle from Lanemeyer.

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After hooking up with Peek-a-Boo Records, Silver Scooter issued their debut seven-inch “Biting My Nails; ” the singles “Ball of Yarn” and “Cup & String” followed before they issued the full-length The Other Palm Springs in 1997. A split ten-inch with Cursive as well as a split seven-inch with Tiara followed in 1998 before the trio dropped their second LP, Orleans Parish, early the next year and Goodbye followed in fall 2000. Blue Law appeared in early 2001.

I heard of this band in 98-99 ish when my buddy John Price introduced me to Pumpkin Eyes which was on the Crank Records don’t forget to) breathe comp.

I wanted to find out more about the band so I reached out to Scott and asked him to be on the podcast, he said yes, and this is what we chat about:

– His 50 songs project
– peekaboo fan zine
– Getting a call from Bob Mould
– Dave Mcnair
– What Pumpkin Eyes is about
– Their split with Cursive
– Death Cab For Cutie liking Silver Scooter
– Getting stuck in Japan during 911
– Tiny Desk Concert
– His other band Super XX Man being the first release on Courtney Barnett’s label
– And a ton more

Go check out his site where he has a ton of music and videos.

I’ll link to the video for the song on the This Was the Scene’s Instagram Story so you can check it out. American Television plays The Fest, Sunday, October 30th, 9:40pm at Vecinos.

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