The FAMILY? Cast: Food And Music Is Life Yes? with Chef Josh K

The FAMILY? Cast: Food And Music Is Life Yes? with Chef Josh K


Cheers! Chef JK here. I used to sing in Dogwood (the punk rock group) now I make music as Saint Didacus. This is The Punk Chef Podcast! I am a professional chef who does food and beverage pairings with all types of music (mostly punk/hardcore/metal, and I’m teaching my 3 kids to do the same! Why is music so important to the human existence? You know how food works, but do you know how to pair music with it? Do you cook or clean without music playing? Don’t do that. Let me help you find the right soundtrack for that. #punkchefpairings #foodandmusicislifeyes #SRRSS

My my my that is a LOT of bands and music!! For this episode, we mainly discuss The Get Up Kids– because they just toured on the 25th Anniversary of FOUR MINUTE MILE!! (Thanks for getting us on the list, Mogan.). Of course, you can bet they will be touring as soon as they can, since there are a lot of other albums celebrating birthdays very soon… Connect with Matt for some CUSTOM MADE MUSIC or some solo merch — or listen to him on the Vagrant Podcast. and

MUSIC IN THE EPISODE: No Fun At All “Dead and Gone” from Seventh Wave on SBAM records. LINK TO VINYL ALBUMS

TGUK: “Shatter Your Lungs” from There Are Rules | “Close To You” from Before You Were Punk, Vol 2 | “Red Letter Day” from Something To Write Home About (also from the EP, but not this version…) BUY THE RECORDS

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