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the Book Of Very Very Bad Things


A Fanzine in podcast format, we cover Indie, Metal, Hip Hop, and Punk music of all stripes (Post Punk, Darkwave, Deathrock, Hardcore, Post Hardcore…),Literature, Streetwear, Film, and all that is left of the dial, esoteric, and downright creepy.

Hello my friends, and welcome! Tonight we present our conversation with Susie, vocalist of Pohgoh, in honor of the release of their stunning new album “Du Und Ich”! Pohgoh started in 1994, and made a HUGE impact in 1997 via the song “Friend X” on the Emo Diaries compilation. This is their 3rd full length album, and boy oh boy, is it a banger!

Spartan Records have a plethora of vinyl color ways available, and have done an incredible job with this release! Please check the album out TODAY where ever you stream!

Pohgoh songs in this episode- “Weeds”, “Over/Under”, “Hammer”

Our theme music courtesy of Gown.

Opening song, “Martyrs” by Heart Out. Yeah, my band. I don’t need permission so THERE!

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