The Big Truth Podcast

The Big Truth Podcast


In this podcast Big Truth interviews interesting people who live and breathe outside the mainstream conventional box. The tone of each episode can range from casual conversation to life history style interviews. The show is fun, educational, inspirational and explores different views on contemporary topics as well as highlights alternative career paths. Big Truth is an Anthropologist, custom motorcycle builder, laser tattoo removal specialist, ex-radio DJ, punk rock/hardcore vocalist, and now podcaster! He owns a renowned custom motorcycle shop (Choppahead Kustom Cycles) and a Tattoo Shop/Laser Tattoo Removal Business. In the past he’s worked as an anthropologist for the World Health Organization, CDC, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Having worked with everyone from Harvard Cancer researchers to outlaw bikers, he is comfortable navigating different worlds and talking with people from across the human spectrum! Truth’s guests have come from a plethora of American subcultures – but some of the main areas of focus have been centered on motorcycles, music, and weirdness (Paranormal, Psychedelics, UFOs, etc).

Recent Episodes

  • #123 - Harry Green Jr : The Bridgewater Triangle Paranormal Investigators

    1 day ago
  • #122 - Terry Shanks : Purveyor of Nefarious Goods

    2 weeks ago
  • #121 - Listener Paranormal Experiences #2

    1 month ago
  • #120 - Slick : The Kings of Nuthin'

    2 months ago
  • #119 - Raghunath (Ray) Cappo : Yogi / Author / Podcaster / Youth of Today / Shelter

    2 months ago
  • #118 - Keith Freeman : Restraining Order / Intimidation

    3 months ago
  • #117 - Harley Carrara : Tradition Cycles / Night of the Trogloddytes

    4 months ago
  • #116 - Paranormal Call-In v.1

    4 months ago
  • #115 - Adam Ostrofsky : The Satanic Chef

    4 months ago
  • #114 - Johannes : Black Stallion Tattoo / Tattoo Flash Collective

    5 months ago