Talk About the Passion

Talk About the Passion


Talk About the Passion is a podcast where I will be talking with folks about their passions in creativity. There’s a slight slant towards people from the punk and hardcore scenes, but of course I’m open to anyone.

Episode 91 is a conversation with returning guest Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, On Bodies, Damien Done and more) On this episode we are talking about his newest project, a death metal band called Ekstasis and their new release, Paralyzing Impermanence. We talk about how this project came to be, what the future holds for the project as well as what some of the differences are making music and being a fan in the hardcore scene vs making music and being a fan in the metal scene. This was another great conversation with Damien who has some great ideas and opinions on music that I am always happy to give a platform to. Check out Ekstasis now!

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