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Lucy’s Record Shop


In the summer of 1992, Lucy’s Record Shop opened its doors in the sleepy little southern city of Nashville, TN. For the next six years, this fiercely independent store and all-ages punk club was home to a tight-knit community of the rebellious, the rejected, the anxious, and their allies. Join shop owner Mary Mancini as she sits down with the kids who made Lucy’s so special and whose DIY ethic and unfettered creativity left a lasting mark on the Nashville underground music scene.

Doyle Davis’ business cards read “Vinylist,” which is so perfect since he’s been a champion of vinyl as a music delivery system his whole life – as a kid picking through his parents’ collection, as a used record buyer at The Great Escape, as a Lucy’s Record Shop customer buying every Guided By Voices record he could get his hands on, and as the co-owner of Grimey’s New and Preloved Music, a Nashville institution he helped build from the ground up.

In this episode Doyle talks about what it’s like to run a record store, seeing Rodan play a house show, Yo La Tengo soundcheck, and other tales from the live indie rock scene of the 90s, the records he bought at Lucy’s that he’ll never ever sell, and how he’s been able to build a successful community-oriented record store from the ground up.

Doyle has seen a lot of changes in the industry and he’s managed to weather them with creativity, humor, and a wonderfully infectious positive attitude, all while making vinyl the star of the show.

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Episode Music

Lambchop with Yo La Tengo (excerpt – Autumn Sweater)

Pavement – Summer Babe (Live Brixton Academy, London, December 14, 1992)

The Pretty Things – The Journey

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