Labeled: “The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records”

Labeled: “The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records”


This podcast, hosted by Matt Carter of Emery, tells the story of the culture surrounding Tooth and Nail Records through conversations with its most interesting characters. It begins in Chapter 1 tracing the the narrative arc of its origins, rise to commercial prominence and merger with major label EMI, its golden age, then survival though the collapse of the industry and difficult split with EMI and goes on to further explore special individuals and groups within the universe of the all ages, christian influenced, underground heavy music scene. Presented by the Labeled Universe

If you have been paying any attention to Tooth & Nail over the last several years, you can tell that they have a special regard for Tyson Motsenbocker. Tyson seems to always have been able to make great connections with other artists with both his personality and his songwriting. He’s great as a solo performer and on another level when he has a full band. I always enjoy hanging with him. I do love his new record, Milk Teeth, and we start this episode with an amazing story that caused us to postpone the original recording of this episode.

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