End On End

End On End


Come along for the ride as Brian and Jeff take journey through the entire Dischord records cannon, one record at a time. There’ll be lots of discussion, some debate and plenty of entertaining stories and conversations. Where possible, we interview key players in the making of these releases as well. Brian grew up in the midst of the DC punk scene in the 80’s. Asurefire roadmap for disaster, enlightenment or something in between!

Recent Episodes

  • RAIN LIKE THE SOUND OF TRAINS "S/T" / Full Band Interview

    1 month ago
  • SLANT 6 "What Kind Of Monster" EP

    2 months ago
  • HOLY ROLLERS "Watching The Grass Grow" / Marc Lambiotte and Chris Bopst

    3 months ago
  • SCREAM "No More Censorship" / Franz Stahl

    4 months ago
  • SCREAM "Fumble"

    4 months ago
  • SCREAM "Banging The Drum/Fumble"

    5 months ago
  • SCREAM Still Screaming/This Side Up CD

    6 months ago
  • FUGAZI "Instrument"

    6 months ago
  • HOOVER "Sidecar Freddie - Cable" / Joe McRedmond

    7 months ago
  • CIRCUS LUPUS "Solid Brass" / Full Band Interview

    8 months ago