HELLCAST | Metal Podcast

HELLCAST | Metal Podcast


Dive head first into the underworld of extreme metal with Hellcast! An extreme music talk show, we bring you an unholy barrage of interviews, introspect, reviews, and much more metal madness. Episodes are unleashed biweekly!

J Dawg is looking a lot different on this episode because Jørgen – Nattskog is sitting in as a special guest. Since launching the RMP FAN CLUB we wanna interact more with the community that makes the show possible by giving a glimpse into who you are what you do. Sprinkled with the typical HELLCAST segments, this episode is a great opportunity for ALBUM WARS as two fans can dive in to decide about ANNIHILATOR. It’s a blaze in the UK sky with HELLCAST! Support the content, hear your name on HELLCAST, gain early access to episodes, plus more… check out the Reaper Metal Fan Club on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/reapermetalproductions

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