Grim Dystopian: Your Podcast For All That Is Metal

Grim Dystopian: Your Podcast For All That Is Metal


The Grim Dystopian Metal podcast has a passion for all that is Metal (Death, Grind, Heavy, Black, Hardcore, Doom, Progressive, Punk, Thrash, etc…). The weekly podcast features bands from our area (Rochester, NY) as well as underground bands from all over the globe. We strive to provide a fun, creative environment for artists and listeners to share; we all have a story after all! Fun banter, band/artist interviews, we have it all. Tune in, engage, say hi and support underground metal! Quoniam omne quod est metallum! m/

S3E78: S3 Season Finale Extravaganza!

Great metal for filthy earballs, get-away vehicles, bleak facts, the strange story of Elmer McCurdy, Senti-metals, and Billy Idol woes as we wrap up season 3. Cheers!

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Special Thanks to:

Vile Tyrant, SONG: Gift of the Plaguebearur

Orodruin, SONG: Letter of Life’s Regret

Dark Phantom, SONG: Unholy Alliance

Torture Hymns, SONG: I, Destruction

Mulla, SONG: From the Soul

Grandma’s Pantry: Noxious, SONG: Picture Window

Beholder, SONG: A Heavy Toll

Pale Mare, SONG: Zealot

Fuming Mouth, SONG: Burning Hand

Execrate, SONG: Mass Hysteria

Inhibitions, SONG: Rascal

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