Everblack : Metal Podcast’s tracks

Everblack : Metal Podcast’s tracks


Metal rock and everything noisy from Australia and around the globe!
Hosted by Nev Pearce
www.facebook.com/Everblackmedia Dane White is best known for his work behind the drums for industrial monsters Combichrist, but there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this heavy hitting master percussionist.

On October 10th Dane will be unleashing Cyberscream, a record that sees him not only show off his skills as a drummer, but a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter for his passion project that is filled with heavy industrial groove, face melting riffs and melody.

We sat down with Dane White to talk about Cyberscream, how he plans on translating it to a live setting, his origins as a musician, joining Combichrist, touring the world and more!

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