Three Sides to a Story

Three Sides to a Story


They say there’s three sides to a story. One side. The other side. And, what it really is. The pop culture podcast for the people, hosted by Tony B., Rex Cruz, and Aubrey, bringing you three perspectives from the culture on hip-hop, sports, politics, social issues, race, marketing, and more, to get to the truth.

Spiritual awakenings changing your perspective, Passion perceived as aggression + finding a balance with your management style, A Rex Cruz + SXSW case study on finding that balance, Aaron Rodgers re-signs with Green Bay, Deshaun Watson traded to Cleveland, What’s the end goal for Colin Kaepernick’s workouts, Tom Brady’s pump fake retirement + return, Deion Sanders’ toe amputation + impact on college football & HBCUs, The Dapper Dan + Gap hoodie drop fail & the bot effect, Slaughterhouse beef – if a crew falls out, can the brand name still be used without the collective?

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