The Notorious P.O.D. – a HipHop Podcast

The Notorious P.O.D. – a HipHop Podcast


The naughty little brother of HipHop Podcasts! New 45min episodes of The HipHop forum released every other Friday! Covering current events, a classic 90’s topic & answering all of your listener questions/ conundrums & dilemmas! We also have sporadic episodes featuring interviews, album reviews & just stuff we think is interesting! Peace! #HipHop #Rap #Music #Comedy


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On this weeks HipHop Forum, the boys discuss:

Kanye’s haircut, which sparks a debate about the worst haircuts ever???

KRS One versuz Big Daddy Kane, who won?

Who goes against Busta?

Mount Westmore – Sub woofer video, we share our thoughts?

Flavour flav 1 year sober

A chat about retro brands including; Karl Kani or FUBU?

All this plus, learn why Cal went from Sadat X to American History X in just a matter of months!

Halftime Hype Playlist:

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