Not That Serious

Not That Serious


“Not That Serious” is a podcast with 3 friends (Mike, Ellzy and Koree) chatting all things sports, life, and culture. Subjects from irrational Philly Sports fandom, Hip Hop/Pop Culture, Relationships, and life as a 20-something in Jersey. This Podcast serves to remind you that no matter what’s going on in life or the craziness around you, it’s not that serious…. SUBSCRIBE: Follow us on: Twitter: @thentspod / @mikelowkey / @itselzee / @KoreeB_Flyin Instagram: @thentspod TikTok: @thentspod Twitch: NTSpod “Not That Serious Podcast” on Soundcloud “Not That Serious” on Apple Podcasts “Not That Serious” on Spotify “Not That Serious Podcast” on Youtube Go to and get 20% off + free shipping with the code: NTS manscapedpod

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