Let Me Speak

Let Me Speak


Let Me Speak is a podcast created and hosted by De’aja Plummer, dedicated to allowing Black men in rap/hiphop to express their thoughts and opinions on important issues going that affect our black communities. The media has portrayed a horrible narrative on black men in the rap and hiphop world that these men are only pants sagging thugs who only know about degrading women, killing people and other stereotypical things. Let Speak Podcast is here to destroy that incorrect narrative. On this very special episode of the Let Me Speak podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing radio personality and the face of LAs radio station, 93.5 Kday, representing Los Angeles the dopest CeCe Valencia. In this episode CeCe discusses what it is like growing up a Mexican woman in Los Angeles, the struggles of being a woman in a male dominated radio world and what keeps her going and much more that you don’t want to miss!

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