J2O (Just Our Opinion) Podcast

J2O (Just Our Opinion) Podcast


The First Take of hip-hop! Podcast talkin hip hop music, from opinionated mouths of @GreatnessisEZ @ChefFlyy @iiistaxxx and @6nine9. The Most Authentic opinions In The ATL about hip-hop music and the industry, and sometimes we Get Deeper Than Rap. From us to you for the world to hear. Don’t be offended, it’s #JUSTOUROPINION

J2O Ep. 96 Is the Pandemic Ova

First we ask the million dollar question “Is the pandemic over?”. Being here in Atlanta it has truly been a one of a kind experience to say the least. Then we talk about the Dereck Chauvin Trail and share our thoughts on what we have seen so far. And the fellas go in depth on Atlanta Gov. Kemp’s new Voter (Suppression) bill. We close on New York’s new Marijuana legislation.

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