Ill Doctrine Radio

Ill Doctrine Radio


Ill Doctrine Radio (aka The Even More Underground Railroad) is the new incarnation of NY’s longest running hip-hop radio show Jay Smooth’s Underground Railroad, which aired for over 27 years on WBAI radio before leaving in 2018. The historic show, hailed by Chuck D as host to “the best hip-hop conversations,” now streams independently at, every Saturday from 5-7PM EST. This week, of course, we remembered the one and only Earl Simmons aka DMX. Hit up our Patreon for the whole 2 hour show, and access to the full archives:

Partial playlist:
DMX – Who We Be (mixed with track below)
Outkast – Git Up Git Out instrumental
D’Angelo – Prayer
Sault – B.A.B.E.
Swizz Beats words for DMX
DMX – Coming From
Erykah Badu – Other Side of the Game
People Under the Stairs – Yes I Can
Kota the Friend – Hate
Dibiase- Eternia
Swizz Beats words pt 2
Evidence – G Shock
DMX Prayer

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