Hip Hop In the After Hours

Hip Hop In the After Hours


In this podcast, I will be discussing all things Hip Hop. From old events to the newest and newest albums. I reflect on DMX’s life for those that don’t know of him and then my own experiences and more. We lost such a unique talented artist in Hip Hop and there will never be another. Rest in peace DMX.

Recent Episodes

  • We really lost a real 1. A great legend in Hip Hop. Rest in peace DMX

    6 days ago
  • EMERGENCY EPISODE: Rest In Peace Dmx. You will always be loved missed and remembered

    1 week ago
  • Prayers for DMX. He is in the hospital and it is not looking good

    2 weeks ago
  • Sorry for the wait (in weezys voice) I messed up. And where is Akon?

    3 weeks ago
  • Ghost writers in Hip Hop: A complicated topic

    4 weeks ago
  • Grammys need to change and for the good

    1 month ago
  • You Cant Cancel Eminem. So just shut up!

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    2 months ago
  • New Orleans Bounce Music: The Rise and continuation and mainstream

    2 months ago
  • Weekend in Hip Hop: Meek Mill and 6 9 Beef plus prayers for Nicki Minaj

    2 months ago