DJ DMX Denver’s Numero1

DJ DMX Denver’s Numero1


Welcome to the home of David Mangum, also known as D.J. D.M.X., and to those familiar with the Colorado and National Rave/Club/Party Circuit, you know who I am! If not, allow me to bring you up to speed…

As a professional D.J., throughout the last three DECADES, I have introduced many to the sounds of the moment and the sounds of the underground.

The only difference between the two is when you hear them, first or last makes no difference to me as I have enjoyed my calling as a musical ambassador to quality jams, old and new.

You can usually catch me in and around Denver’s hotspots of fun and mayhem, above ground and below; why?
Because that’s how I roll!
whether it is regular nights in LoDo at Larimer Records Café or residencies at Element in Fort Collins,
Beta, The Church, Vybe, or my favorite, The Black Box.

Here’s the quick and dirty
D.J. D.M.X…..

I am the Founder of Denver, Colorado’s most often imitated and infamous “303 Collective” back in 1996, so any “collectives” you hear about in 2021 and prior are about 25 years too late to the “original crew name” party…

David, aka “D.J. D.M.X.,” is a 30-year plus turntable-bred veteran destroying the dance floors since before many of your friends even knew what electronic music was!
But your momma knows!
D.J. D.M.X. and his crew, “THE” 303 Collective, were selected to represent Denver’s vibrant Electronic music scene at the inaugural Love Parade U.S.A. in 2004 in San Francisco, CA.

Now it’s 2021, and even though Covid-19 screwed us worldwide last year, he is on a mission to continue to rock the crowds and put smiles on faces with all the dirty bassheads LIVE in 2021

Like streaming?
Then catch me on Twitch www. and Mixcloud Live

Way back before all of this,
He used to have residencies in ALL Four U.S. timezones, even one in Mexico. But rather than reminisce, let’s make new memories this weekend at Happy Chronicah 13, where you will witness the way he prefers. To keep the parties poppin’ with his mind-blowing selection of funky-driven beats that span between any genre that moves the crowd….

And that’s a HUGE list !!!!

Don’t get it twisted; he WILL go wherever the dance floor demands at that moment, and Being an original “open-format” style D.J., it allows him more tools to elevate the dance floor sonically!

Finally, most D.J.s are afraid to utilize the microphone as a weapon. NOT THIS ONE.

Nightclub and Bar DJ FINALIST….#429 in the World 2008 @…..Turntablist skills on Vinyl/CD/or Serato… 3 DECADES + of DANCE FLOOR Experience… Stage Presence, Crowd Control, Multi-Genre Versatility… 2X U.S.A. Parts in “Hey D.J.” and “American Jungle” Films…

Twitter: @djdmx303

Having released over 100 + mixtapes throughout his career, I’m pleased to say that many of those recordings are still requested out more than two decades later. I have contributed to various local Hip Hop artists via mastering and remix projects since 1994. And Due to consistently strong local presence via clubs, radio, and product, he was selected to open shows for MAJOR NATIONAL ACTS at SummerJam (L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Naughty by Nature, Montel Jordan, Mya) and various other significant caliber acts @ Coors Amphitheater (16,000 capacity)

[itunes pic]

Time to hop aboard the NIMBUS 2001, son!

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