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Ween is The Greatest Band in The World. This is the Greatest Podcast in The World about The Greatest Band in The World….Ween. We will introduce you to Ween in all their grandness and splendor. Then we shalll take you on a tour of the entire Ween Catalogue…One album at a time…One song at a time…Until the end of time. Together we will listen to each and every Ween song and Together we will spread the good word of The Boognish. Buckle up Bitch. Step inside this spaceship and take a ride straight into the Abyss! Also, check out the Patreon Bonus version of the show at https://www.patreon.com/PodWeenSatan

Hey Hey Hey! It’s Jayyyyyyyyyyy Albert!

We are announcing a raffle with:


Whether you are a Patreon subscriber or not listen to this episode to hear what we got cooking for you.

As a bonus….a lil taste of the goods….we’ve unlocked Dave’s favorite Patreon Bonus Episode for the song “Long Beach Island”.

So yeah, a raffle, a bonus show. Pretty Killer Friday morning, eh?

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